Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Appreciation Dinner with my K.581 ensemble

Spent quite much time rehearse together for my graduation recital, I decide to give a good treat and some allowance to my ensemble members, dining at the Tasty 西提 restaurant at the Tamsui riverside, a restaurant serve a course of steak for around NTD500++

This restaurant is under the Wang Pin 王品 group, well known for their service, the waiter treats customer politely, and they generously give replacements or compensations for reasonable complaints. I do kind of surprise when I first visited this restaurant, well, I grow up at a place that don't really have restaurants with friendly waiters =P. A recommended place for tourist.

Tonight's dinner and hang out turned out to be quite surprisingly better than expected. Because of my lack of social skills, I was initially worried getting very cold atmosphere and it wouldn't last for more than an hour, our dinner + unscheduled hangout instead lasted from 7pm until 12am, keeping the conversation going on wasn't easy too. 

Thank goodness I actually found a group of nice people, we can really talk with each other so much, only when we're not doing rehearsals XD . I guess I really need to put more effort in coordinating and leading an ensemble. 

Thanks a lot folks, you made my last year in uni a memorable and "exciting" one XD , will miss you guys. 

a polaroid taken at the end of dinner

Saturday, April 23, 2016

19 April 2016 TNUA Graduation Recital

19th April 2016 is my big big day, I'm having my graduation recital for my undergraduate studies.

Unique because the only in my class without photo and pure art concept

From the preparation stage until the presentation and clean up, it wasn't easy although I have already taken least possible steps. Decide the repertoires, getting accompanists, poster and invitation card designer, getting work crew, setting up rehearsals, printing promotional materials, sending invitation cards, prepare the concert venue, everything to be accomplished in 2 months' time.

It's even more exciting when your teacher decides to go oversea and take break during the spring break, I practically only get to see my teacher around 5 times before I go on stage XD. By the way, congratulation to Wei Pan 潘微, my year one junior who merged up as the 1st prize in a clarinet competition in China, way better accomplishment than my recital XD. 

some of my friends' poster

The moment things set in motion, hell unleashed. It was the first time I’m doing these kind of stuffs, I’m a little too optimistic. A lot of things were behind the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances like quintet members’ conflicting schedule, improving the poster design, time needed for printings, and fund shortage due to cutting down part time jobs.

I have totally zero experience in working with string quartets, to the extend one of the member wasn't pleased with the progress, she voluntarily withdrew but still grace enough to get a replacement, she was a promising member. During the rehearsal, we always look at each other expecting for directions rather than giving suggestion, it was my biggest mistake to rehearse without a more experienced 3rd-party to supervise us. Things really tensed up, but I am really lucky that my members willing to give me a lot of suggestion when I approached them personally, and getting some friends to supervise our rehearsal. 

Invitation Card
Originally deemed failed concept, decide to use it anyway, surprisingly turned out to be invitees' most favourite and preferred card. (I have 2 designs, the other similar to poster)

Sending out invitations wasnt easy either, I handwritten all the invitations, at least to all my classmate (about 70 of them) and followed up by the juniors. It’s really time consuming, I actually skipped a few days of practice just to write cards. In the end I failed to write to some friends, but I still write to them after the recital to make up.

On the day itself, I initially plan to do a run through in the morning, take afternoon nap and get ready for evening recital. But I forgot to prepare the entry ticket!! A rule just implemented this year to control the quantity of the crowds. I instead spend the day preparing it, called up some good friends to help out however turn out to be bad friends asking me go to shopping instead.

Bio in chinese, sorry if you don't understand

And then the recital, damn bloody nervous wei.. Mistakes happens due to pressure and nervous, luckily no big shit except a few technical slips, I managed to get steady not long after into performance. Funny things still happens like knocked into the piano, stopping the pianist when he’s about to start cuz I need to adjust the stand, etc etc.  The most fatal is running out of stamina, where my embouchure could barely hold anymore, its like a plane almost decompose into pieces but managed to land safely. Thank god.

Mozart K.581 & Horovitz Sonatina

At the end, the highlight of my graduation recital wasn't my performance, but the poster, invitation card and my program notes(bio) instead.

Photo and social moment after everything ends. I will miss my classmates, friends, teachers, everyone in Taiwan very very much. Anyway, I'm not really graduating this year, doing planned delay. Good night !

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Movie marathon, Mermaid Deadpool OlaBola

Apart from eat drink gamble, I came to a first time opportunity, movie marathon, 3 movies straight in a row. Thanks to a new friend from TAR accounting student Vincent, which is seasoned for doing movie marathon.

The day started a lunch with boss/friend Ujin, which haven't seen him for quite some time. It was a brief meeting, we had udon and I left shortly after because we're going to meet again two days later for lunch again. I was called for movie afterwards, wasn't expecting to run a marathon, too old for this stunt.

The whole thing was fun, Taiwan uni mates Ernest, Lau Seng and 3 new friends pulled it off. We watched Stephen Chow's The Mermaid, Ryan Reynold's Deadpool and Malaysian film Ola Bola. All 3 movies are good! And I think I watched them in a rather nice order, like how mentioned above.

We watched mermaid first, the movie itself is nice, the storyline, the cast, the idea, etc, except for the CGI, HK movies really need more effort in it. The movie is about how a rich man development plan destroying the aquamarine ecosystem, and putting a stop to it. A movie gave me thoughts about environment issue, serious and raising awareness. It comes together with classic Stephen Chow's jokes and love story, the jokes part is really out dated, it was really funny if I watch his early works, but felt kind of out of place when they are presented in today's work. However I like the way he present the human relationship, it was nice and serious, I enjoyed both in his early and recent works.

The Mermaid aka Please Save the Environment

Next, followed up immediately a washroom interval, is DEADPOOL. It was kind of classic, a standard hero movie however brilliantly presented in an unconventional, funny way. Since the character is potrayed psycho in original works, I think it is good the movie was produced this way. This movie is nothing much to me but serve as purely entertainment and relaxation, because the next movie is really wearing me out. Like said, standard superhero movies, I don't need to elaborate much.

DEADPOOL aka Stupid and Funny Stuntman

Lastly the loca patriotic movie, Ola Bola, based on the football history in Malaysia, it tells a story of locals training and playing so hard to get into Moscow Olympics. The movie really displays all the Malaysian culture, especially all the typical funny stuffs only Malaysian can understand. Sadly I think, this is really a movies only Malaysian can understand because of our very unique cultural mix, if its for foreigners to watch, I guess it doesn't make much sense at all, it takes people who understand Malaysia culture and history to understand the feelings in this movie. I really enjoyed it, the way we talk, we argue, the dialect, the mashed up language, the unique funny pattern that each race has (racist joke), and above all, how we overcome the obstacles together without the racial barrier, I felt so touching and passionate, so damn patriot, and really wanted to sit that classic old train in that amazing beautiful forest in Sabah. 

Ola Bola: I Reallllyyyy Believe

Friday, February 12, 2016

Chinese New Year 2016

Taking a break from studies in Taiwan, for Chinese New Year in Malaysia.

Last year, was quite engaged with stuffs so couldn't make it back, had to skip, it was a cold (winter season) and lonely (everyone's back, of course) CNY.

A rather disastrous year for Taiwan, coldest winter, strongest typhoon, and an earthquake at the northern region. Snows at multiple low grounds, roofs are being teared away by the strong winds, and buildings collapse with dead and missing counts, I pray things to get in good shape soon.

This year CNY is a fun one. A family that stay far and seldom show up, came and celebrated with us. Cousins are lovely as ever, Rylie the talkative, Wei2 the picky on food, Eeren the semi-pro camera man, and etc etc..

Older cousin is getting married, younger cousin ady married and has a child, time flies huh?

Going to have dinner tomorrow with the KOHS, some of them came to Taiwan for trip last December, it was surely fun as hell, can't wait to see them again.

Sign off.

Courtesy of the semi-cam man (1st row right)


Monday, September 28, 2015

Typhoon typhoon comes again, I went out with my friend Willy fully armored (in fact, raincoat and helmet) to recover ration and supplies.

It was the first time ever to walk in such strong wind and nearly blown away by it, I have to walk slanting. A pass-by hotchick took this brilliant moment to grab and hold onto me, how lucky and cunning of her.

The wind resistance is so strong, I could hardly walk steadily. I had to let my arms swing behind me, walking like an idiot, like Naruto characters. But in fact, it was a very good way to minimize the aerodynamics and helps you move forward easier, 10 years of curiosity explained at this moment.

We arrived at a local supermarket just to find it closed, we have to resort to heroic seven-eleven, with several people sheltering inside, and some food shelves are empty. Grab a few munchies and we're good to go.

Since the storm is too fierce, we have to find an alternative way to the keep the food safe. We find paths into dark, rattling alleyways, storm howling can be heard, hopefully there's no ambush awaits us.

We arrive home safely, and have to carry my other friend's god damn heavy and locked-scooter into safety, because the key is nowhere to be found.

The whole experience is awesome like 3rd person shooting games, but dangerous as well, cuz you never know there might be metal pieces falling from above and crush onto you, or slices your head off like Final Destination.

Today is a good good day, what a Formosa.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Greetings from Tokyo

I received a post card from my high school buddy Oja and Suan today, in Taiwan. 

Thanks a lot, it is a very heartwarming greeting from you. 

Very appreciate it!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

不在家過年的 2015, Lonely CNY away from Home



初一,我的早午餐,就是在 7-11 解決的,不錯嘛。看到seven 竟然有賣檳城白咖哩面,這到底有多好吃啊,以前看到 Carefour 大超商賣就算了,連便利商店也賣了,真是 Malaysia Boleh (能)。

Sibeh expensive, equivalent RM14+




Never any other days Guandu station has these many people before.


街上還有一個 Saxophone 街邊演出,都是一些中文流行曲 demo cover,混飯吃還真幸苦。


Bells ringing (through speakers of course) at certain hour, ding ding dong dong.


今天那麼一個人,而且又是過年,就選了這本書,覺得蠻不錯讀的。遊志信的書。然後去 4樓 聽了一些寂寞 demo,Sam Smith: In The Lonely Hour,高八度的 ~ 瑪尼 on 買賣 ~

A book about enjoy being alone, suits me for a lonely CNY.

Listening to demo, Sam Smith. Money on my mind, money on my mind ~~

時間來到了 6pm,好吧,差不多了,該回去宅一宅了。然後做了一個不知道勇敢還是白痴的選擇,從市政府走路回關渡!(失敗,只走到士林站)

本來打算穿越小巷,找一些西餐小店消費,但不會找,失敗,只能在 Burger King 快餐廳解決,好傷心。

中途會路過一些美景不錯的公園,會在裡邊逛個一兩圈,還有陰森森的小巷,看到一些跟我一樣 lonely 的人。一個無家可歸阿伯睡在小巷角落,一個阿兵歌隔著籬笆偷釣新生建國抽水站裡的魚,還有一個文青男身穿大腿短的牛仔褲配上黑絲襪搭白運動鞋在唸書。(應該是今晚或近期看到最奇怪的人了)

最後來到士林夜市,隨便逛逛,好想也沒什麼好買的,現在已經 11:30pm 了,好累,我決定搭捷運回去好了。


English English...

This is the first time I spent my CNY alone overseas, due to over-spending in the last semester, I am doomed with this lonely fate.

Chor Yat, had my brunch at 7-11, that's right, pathetic.

I thought since its a CNY, the city would be very quiet, like KL, but no, the green field in my school has more family coming for outing, even at the MRT station near my uni, like picture above. It's even crowded in the city.

I spent half day at the Eslite Book Shop, some kinda like Kinokuniya in Malaysia, but over here, the bigger outlets sells almost anything, foods, books, recordings, lifestyles, creative stuffs, etc etc.

I left the outlet about 6pm, and made the most ridiculous or bravo decision, which is to walk all the way back to uni (it failed, i only managed to get it to Shilin MRT station), about 15km.

On the way, I saw several opposite side of a festive day should be, dead quiet alley sleeps a homeless old folk, a sneaky soldier trying to fish across a gated facility, and weirdest for tonight, a smart looking guy but a very short jeans up to thighs, with black lady silk stockings and white nike sport at the end, sitting alone and reads, wtf. 

Finally I reached Shilin night market, at this moment, I'm quite exhausted from walking, I spent a little time in the night market, took the MRT and went back to uni.

That's my CNY Chor Yat, spent just like that.