Monday, September 28, 2015

Typhoon typhoon comes again, I went out with my friend Willy fully armored (in fact, raincoat and helmet) to recover ration and supplies.

It was the first time ever to walk in such strong wind and nearly blown away by it, I have to walk slanting. A pass-by hotchick took this brilliant moment to grab and hold onto me, how lucky and cunning of her.

The wind resistance is so strong, I could hardly walk steadily. I had to let my arms swing behind me, walking like an idiot, like Naruto characters. But in fact, it was a very good way to minimize the aerodynamics and helps you move forward easier, 10 years of curiosity explained at this moment.

We arrived at a local supermarket just to find it closed, we have to resort to heroic seven-eleven, with several people sheltering inside, and some food shelves are empty. Grab a few munchies and we're good to go.

Since the storm is too fierce, we have to find an alternative way to the keep the food safe. We find paths into dark, rattling alleyways, storm howling can be heard, hopefully there's no ambush awaits us.

We arrive home safely, and have to carry my other friend's god damn heavy and locked-scooter into safety, because the key is nowhere to be found.

The whole experience is awesome like 3rd person shooting games, but dangerous as well, cuz you never know there might be metal pieces falling from above and crush onto you, or slices your head off like Final Destination.

Today is a good good day, what a Formosa.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Greetings from Tokyo

I received a post card from my high school buddy Oja and Suan today, in Taiwan. 

Thanks a lot, it is a very heartwarming greeting from you. 

Very appreciate it!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

不在家過年的 2015, Lonely CNY away from Home



初一,我的早午餐,就是在 7-11 解決的,不錯嘛。看到seven 竟然有賣檳城白咖哩面,這到底有多好吃啊,以前看到 Carefour 大超商賣就算了,連便利商店也賣了,真是 Malaysia Boleh (能)。

Sibeh expensive, equivalent RM14+




Never any other days Guandu station has these many people before.


街上還有一個 Saxophone 街邊演出,都是一些中文流行曲 demo cover,混飯吃還真幸苦。


Bells ringing (through speakers of course) at certain hour, ding ding dong dong.


今天那麼一個人,而且又是過年,就選了這本書,覺得蠻不錯讀的。遊志信的書。然後去 4樓 聽了一些寂寞 demo,Sam Smith: In The Lonely Hour,高八度的 ~ 瑪尼 on 買賣 ~

A book about enjoy being alone, suits me for a lonely CNY.

Listening to demo, Sam Smith. Money on my mind, money on my mind ~~

時間來到了 6pm,好吧,差不多了,該回去宅一宅了。然後做了一個不知道勇敢還是白痴的選擇,從市政府走路回關渡!(失敗,只走到士林站)

本來打算穿越小巷,找一些西餐小店消費,但不會找,失敗,只能在 Burger King 快餐廳解決,好傷心。

中途會路過一些美景不錯的公園,會在裡邊逛個一兩圈,還有陰森森的小巷,看到一些跟我一樣 lonely 的人。一個無家可歸阿伯睡在小巷角落,一個阿兵歌隔著籬笆偷釣新生建國抽水站裡的魚,還有一個文青男身穿大腿短的牛仔褲配上黑絲襪搭白運動鞋在唸書。(應該是今晚或近期看到最奇怪的人了)

最後來到士林夜市,隨便逛逛,好想也沒什麼好買的,現在已經 11:30pm 了,好累,我決定搭捷運回去好了。


English English...

This is the first time I spent my CNY alone overseas, due to over-spending in the last semester, I am doomed with this lonely fate.

Chor Yat, had my brunch at 7-11, that's right, pathetic.

I thought since its a CNY, the city would be very quiet, like KL, but no, the green field in my school has more family coming for outing, even at the MRT station near my uni, like picture above. It's even crowded in the city.

I spent half day at the Eslite Book Shop, some kinda like Kinokuniya in Malaysia, but over here, the bigger outlets sells almost anything, foods, books, recordings, lifestyles, creative stuffs, etc etc.

I left the outlet about 6pm, and made the most ridiculous or bravo decision, which is to walk all the way back to uni (it failed, i only managed to get it to Shilin MRT station), about 15km.

On the way, I saw several opposite side of a festive day should be, dead quiet alley sleeps a homeless old folk, a sneaky soldier trying to fish across a gated facility, and weirdest for tonight, a smart looking guy but a very short jeans up to thighs, with black lady silk stockings and white nike sport at the end, sitting alone and reads, wtf. 

Finally I reached Shilin night market, at this moment, I'm quite exhausted from walking, I spent a little time in the night market, took the MRT and went back to uni.

That's my CNY Chor Yat, spent just like that.

Friday, April 05, 2013

花蓮 嘛薯

My roommate went Hua Lian to have fun and brought me back souvenir..

Glutinous Rice contained in bamboo, have to use a rock to crack it open. 

Monday, March 11, 2013

台啤建國啤酒廠- 346倉庫餐廳

A friend from Malaysia came to buy musical instrument and visit me as well. We had Mee Lembu for dinner and "supper" at Taiwan beer factory restaurant.

Thanks to google map, we had a journey to the west, got lost and walked for about 10km? The map is accurate, but sometimes the tag is not.. 

The external of the factory, looks creepy. Surrounded with painted stone walls, just like Pudu Jail. 


Looks like a horde of zombies might attack anytime.. We only have an oboe to fuck them up.. 

The entrance of the restaurant, hidden deep within the core of the factory. 

Finally, the sacred sutras.. Mango and Pineapple flavour..

Accompanied with tasty zhu ba jie meat (pork) .. 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not an ordinary Chinese New Year

This is simply extraordinary Chinese New Year I had in my life.

To begin with, my uncle passed away some time last year, leaving a struggling message to us, the younger ones to always take care of the health. Do not drink much, do not smoke, and always sleep early. It wasn't easy for him since he had struggled for years to stay behind this world and finally move on, an absent in the family suddenly makes you feel life isn't the same anymore.

Last week, another uncle of mine passed away. This was rather surprising, as he looked fine all those while, he suddenly admitted into hospital, and passed away the next day. Everyone was unprepared. He was only 56, leaving behind the wife and 3 kids. Still, we had a reunion lunch on the new year eve. The atmosphere is rather unease, we were caught off guard. Who could know such tragic stuff would happen, when everyone is counting days for the arrival of Chinese New Year, only to be interrupted.

New year eve night, the relatives from my mother's side had a dinner at our home, it was happy. I get to talk with my cousins, and we played some funny game on the ipad. We were very close when we're kids, then kind of distant during teen, now catching back up again, I'm so weird huh?

First day of Chinese New Year, I stayed at home for the entire day going nowhere and not meeting anyone, for the very first time.

Second day is an extremely happy one though. A reunion on the other side of my family, and more happening than way before. Since 10 years ago, most of the kids went study abroad and they hardly had the chance to come back. This time, all the kids are around, with some new ones calling me uncle (finally.. ), and then a cousin of mine getting married! I can't remember the last time I saw him, he did mentioned he went abroad about 10 years already. I had a nice dinner with them, most of them started working while I switched back to my study life again (I'm still not used to it, haha), sharing our working experience complaining how sucks some people are, haha.. Yes, I'm having bad luck this year also, I lost more than RM100 in just a game of 5 rounds, gambling still a no good for me.

Such a weird year to begin with, bidding goodbye for a departure of a family member, and welcoming of a new family member.

Happy Weird Chinese New Year 2013.

Oh, not forgetting our Malaysia Prime Minister, you did a great job of lightening up my day.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 of KOHS

It's kind of late, but thank you guys very much, happy new year! =D