Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Not an ordinary Chinese New Year

This is simply extraordinary Chinese New Year I had in my life.

To begin with, my uncle passed away some time last year, leaving a struggling message to us, the younger ones to always take care of the health. Do not drink much, do not smoke, and always sleep early. It wasn't easy for him since he had struggled for years to stay behind this world and finally move on, an absent in the family suddenly makes you feel life isn't the same anymore.

Last week, another uncle of mine passed away. This was rather surprising, as he looked fine all those while, he suddenly admitted into hospital, and passed away the next day. Everyone was unprepared. He was only 56, leaving behind the wife and 3 kids. Still, we had a reunion lunch on the new year eve. The atmosphere is rather unease, we were caught off guard. Who could know such tragic stuff would happen, when everyone is counting days for the arrival of Chinese New Year, only to be interrupted.

New year eve night, the relatives from my mother's side had a dinner at our home, it was happy. I get to talk with my cousins, and we played some funny game on the ipad. We were very close when we're kids, then kind of distant during teen, now catching back up again, I'm so weird huh?

First day of Chinese New Year, I stayed at home for the entire day going nowhere and not meeting anyone, for the very first time.

Second day is an extremely happy one though. A reunion on the other side of my family, and more happening than way before. Since 10 years ago, most of the kids went study abroad and they hardly had the chance to come back. This time, all the kids are around, with some new ones calling me uncle (finally.. ), and then a cousin of mine getting married! I can't remember the last time I saw him, he did mentioned he went abroad about 10 years already. I had a nice dinner with them, most of them started working while I switched back to my study life again (I'm still not used to it, haha), sharing our working experience complaining how sucks some people are, haha.. Yes, I'm having bad luck this year also, I lost more than RM100 in just a game of 5 rounds, gambling still a no good for me.

Such a weird year to begin with, bidding goodbye for a departure of a family member, and welcoming of a new family member.

Happy Weird Chinese New Year 2013.

Oh, not forgetting our Malaysia Prime Minister, you did a great job of lightening up my day.

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